Privacy Policy

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🔸Introduction: or ‘Nazar Bangla’, a self-contained, privately run, up-to-date, digital news media against sold out yellow journalism.

‘Nazar Bangla’ prioritizes the privacy of individuals accessing its own site and adheres to the legal terms relating to the personal privacy of users of this site.


The term “site” referred to in this Privacy Policy ( refers to “personal information”, which means the relevant or identifiable information of a common or legal person, for example, the name, age, email, of that person. Address or Postal Address.

🔸All Integrity and Security of Your Information:

To ensure the reliability, accuracy, completeness, up-to-date of your personal information in our database and to maintain the security of our database, we will keep your personal information as long as it is logically necessary or applicable for the purpose for which it was collected. Necessary for the follow-up of the report or document acquisition. Our servers and databases are protected by industry-standard security technology standards.

🔸 Questions about our privacy statement:

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement or ( any concerns about the processing of your personal information, please let us know.